• Atisha Sooklall

The start of a new journey

So here I am driving home from work one day, navigating through the bustling traffic on the Johannesburg highway. For those of you who have experienced this or are experiencing this every day, you would know that it is not something to look forward to, as it can be a very stressful experience. Nevertheless, I continue on my journey and I receive a call from my husband who says to me, “Wife” and that is literally what he so sweetly calls me, “I have been approached by my boss to interview for a job in America with my current company, what do you think?” and the easy going person in me responds to say “Well we have nothing to lose, so interview and let’s see what happens”. When I got home that evening, we hadn’t even rehashed the conversation.

A few days went by and he received an invite for the interview, within those days we hadn’t even discussed what would happen if he got the job. The interview went well and we both agreed that we just wait and see what happens.

A few weeks later, he received a call with the outcome of the interview. He called me with excitement in his voice saying that he got the job. I felt so proud of him! That night we had a long and lengthy conversation and the questions didn’t end. Could we do this? Could we really start all over again? What about our families, how would we live without them? How would they live without us? Would I be able to work? Where would we live? How soon would we have to move?

Again, we decided to hold on and wait for the contract so that we could see if all this was even possible. All our questions were answered soon enough, and a few sacrifices and compromises had to be made. We let our families know of our big news and of course they were sad, but they were also excited and happy for us.

I have always believed in the saying that whatever happens, happens for the best, and so I knew that this journey was meant for us. The big move from South Africa to the United States of America.

Catch up soon, another day with another story...

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