• Atisha Sooklall

Is COVID 19 ever going to end?

I feel like a little child that keeps asking “Are we there yet?” I want to go to the movies, I want to sit on the beach and eat ice cream, I want to smile at other people and see them smile back. Yet all this seems like some faint memory…

I want to experience this new place I’m in, yet here we are wearing face masks while doing grocery shopping. We keep thinking or saying to ourselves that soon all of this will be over and we will go back to life as usual, “cocktails on the beach” my kind of usual. While COVID 19 is marking itself present month after month. It's like March – Present, April - Present, May – Present, June – China to COVID: “Your three-month contract is over, you should have left already.” And COVID replies: “I have sent a message to space, “earth has been invaded successfully, no sight of the Avengers, we are ready for your arrival…”” and just like that 2020 could be the end of the world???

Jokes aside, it's no joke staying at home for this long, there is only so much you can do to stay sane and we have all done our best. We are now expert cooks, our very own personal trainers and many of us have learnt new things, pursued new interests, or found new talents. But now what???

Like the virus wasn’t a big enough of a problem, we now have to deal with its side effects as well. People are becoming isolated, depressed, and lonely. We need to find a way to improve our mental health so that we don’t fall prey to this. Unfortunately, some of us may not want to admit what we are facing, some may not even know that they are going through this until it is too late, whilst others are afraid to ask for help. This is something that is affecting each and every one of us. So we need to be kind to ourselves, and we need to be kind to others because we don’t know what their story is or what they are going through. Yes, it is human nature to get upset, but don’t snap at anyone, calm down, and handle the situation peacefully. You don’t want to be the reason why someone ends their life, because they were already going through a rough time and your drama was the last straw to push them off the cliff.

These are strange times that we going through, unknown viruses, increased death tolls, racism, and protests. This virus knows no race, gender, caste, or religion, so why are we dividing ourselves by such standards. This is the time to be united. We need to seek peace in ourselves and find solace in prayer. We need to fight mental health together, it starts with you. We need to fight racism together, it starts with you. Be a better person, it starts with you. If everyone can focus on being better versions of themselves, then the world will be a better place. But it starts with you!

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