• Atisha Sooklall

Happy Mother's Day

There are so many emotions that come to mind when you think about your mother, but the one word that always resonates is love. No matter what you do, good or bad, your mother will always love you and you her child will always be right. She is the one person that can fight any battle and ever willingly sacrifice her last breath for you.

I would run out of words before I can begin to express my gratitude and love for my mother. Teaching me how to read my first words, what the different shapes and colours are called, and how to write my name. Running around, playing pickup, and drop off. From making my breakfast every morning and fresh lunch for school through university and work to coming home to a hot meal every night. That’s how blessed I was. Even after being married, I would call my mum and tell her to make my favourite food and I would fetch it from her after work or just go have supper with her. Now I’m thousands of miles away, and terribly miss all of that.

Throughout my life, I grew up having my mother and my grandmother always there for me, if the one wasn’t, then the other was. Having them both together was great, as my mum would shout at me, my grandmother would save me and spoil me to no end. I was the daughter my grandmother never had. For those of you who knew my grandmother, you would know that you wouldn’t find her without me. She took me everywhere she went. My grandmother passed away when I turned 21, it was the worst year for me, a part of my heart was lost that will forever remain empty. People say time will heal, but its years later and the void remains. Not a day goes by without me thinking about her and missing her.

Fortunately for me, I have been lucky enough to remain with the love of two mothers, because now I have my mother in law, who loves me just as much and I love her too. And no I’m not trying to score any brownie points. I have known my mother in law for about 10 years (too late for points) and we have built a great relationship as we respect and understand each other. We go shopping together, we go out for drinks, and we do pretty much everything that a mother and daughter would. I also miss calling her and telling her what to prepare for supper, you see between my two mums, I didn’t have to worry about cooking much. Now I have to cook everyday…

As much as it is Mothers Day, I don’t believe that the fathers should be any less appreciated. Yes they have Father's day, but really on Fathers day, we usually buy dad a gift and that’s the end of it. Whilst on Mothers Day, there’s brunch, there are flowers and gifts, the whole day becomes an event. Your mother carried you for nine months and went through labor, and she will never let you forget that or what you did to her body. From the day you were born, you became your mother's life, it's like her heart running around outside her body. But a fathers responsibility started with your first breath, the day he became a Dad. On that day his goals changed, his life changed. He was responsible for you and everything that you would grow up to be. And from that day on, every decision your father made, he made it with you in mind. Dads aren’t emotional, but a simple I love you, and thank you for all the sacrifices and efforts that allow me to be who I am today will suffice.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women in my life and to all Mother’s celebrating today, your biggest achievement, giving life, and giving love.

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