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Happy Father’s Day!

My rock, my pillar of strength, my go-to guy, reliable, and always there for me, that’s the relationship I have with my dad. I’m not a parent but I imagine being a Dad is a pretty tough job, I think anyone can be a father but its not that simple to be a dad. A dads job is tough because you are his responsibility since day one. He provides for you and makes sure you have all the things you need to get through life. He sacrifices his time and needs just to make sure you are happy and have what you need.

My fondest childhood memory is of my dad buying me my first BMX bicycle, white and pink with sparkly tassels at the ends of the bar handles, and then teaching me how to ride without balancing wheels. Or going to the movies at the Musgrave Mall every month and having my favourite pizza at Panarottis. Sometimes my dad would come home after work with chocolate cake for my sister and I. These small things made the world of difference to me as I always looked forward to it.

I am lucky enough to have many father figures in my life such as my grandfathers, uncles, and my father-in-law (Also dad). My grandfather has been teaching me ever since I can remember. At the age of 6, he taught me how to be an entrepreneur, yip I had my own business selling banana’s from his farm. No, it was not child labour, I could sell the bananas for how much I wanted and the money was mine. And just like that before even getting to grade 1, I already knew the value of money and had already made many profits. He also taught me how to drive, it was probably the scariest experience as he kept shouting at me, glad that that is over.

I could go on and on about all the things that I have learnt from my two dads, grandfathers, and uncles. But at the end of the day, its about all the experiences that we have shared together which have contributed to who I am today. My faith, beliefs, morals, and values are built upon the teachings and guidance that I have received from them. I have also learnt from their mistakes, so I will try to do better.

If anything COVID has taught us that life is unpredictable and cannot be taken for granted, so make the most with your parents while you have the chance. Spend precious time with them because time is not something you can get back.

So Happy Father's day to all the brilliant dads in my life and to everyone celebrating today. If you are lucky enough to have a Dad, you are fortunate enough to have a pillar of strength.

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